Al’s Piano Moving Services Edmonton
Local Piano Moving
If you are moving your piano across the street, or across town, give us a call for all your piano moving needs. You can trust your piano is in the hands of professionals and will be treated with respect throughout the entire move. Contact us for a free quote, or if you have any further questions or concerns.
Piano Storage
If you require piano storage, Al’s Piano Moving also provides you with secure storage for both the long and short term at a flat monthly rate.
Used Piano Parts
We stock a variety of used piano parts (benches, castors, piano coasters etc…) and can recommend great tuners and refinishers, so give us a call for your piano needs. A lot of Pianos are sent to the Eco station. We take a close look at them. Sometimes they are still good for beginners. We give them to someone who needs one. Sometimes there is a diamond in the Ruff. We are the most trusted Edmonton Piano Mover – call (780) 468-5244 today